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Powerful Mantras in Astrology

What is a Mantra? According to an astrologer, it is a blend of programs of study that has been so framed and prepared that, when pronounced correctly, focuses universal energy into one’s divine energy.

Mantra reciting is referred to as Mantra Yoga or Mantra Japa. It even harmonizes the sound energy and senses. This reciting generates a sound wave vibratory energy that is a very powerful energy and can be applied to bring change in life.

How to Apply Mantra as a Remedy?

If you chant certain powerful Mantras with complete faith and devotion, it’ll help attract the positive and constructive energies of the deities or planet lords. It even aids in absolving the pessimistic effects of the same.

Mantras alert one’s subconscious, wake up consciousness, and incline one toward the desired ambition or aim. Physically, it calms the nerves, stimulates your glands, and synchronizes the different organs within the body. Mantras infuse confidence and perk up concentration.

What Are The Ways To Chant Mantras?

The Mantra success is based on the kind and intent of the Mantra and how much it is chanted. Since Mantras are used for soothing a particular planetary body, they must be recited several times a day. This depends on the planet and its lord.

The key intent of Mantra chanting is to generate the needed vibratory effects for activation of the associated powers.

Different Mantras in Vedic Astrology

Gayatri  Mantra

This Mantra is viewed as the mother of the Vedas. It is even known as the Guru Mantra or Mahamantra. It was originally revealed to Brahmarshi Vishwamitra. The major importance of this powerful Mantra is the worship of the Sun God.

As per Vedas, Gayatri Mantra is to be chanted at sunrise and twilight, facing the sun. This can be good if you chant the Gayatri Mantra thrice daily (dawn, midday, and evening).

During the dawn, this Mantra is devoted to Lord Brahma and is dubbed Gayatri, and during the midday, it is devoted to Lord Vishnu and is dubbed Savitri. On the other hand, during the sunset, the Mantra is devoted to Lord Shiva and is dubbed Saraswati.


This Mantra lightens up the minds of the people looking for knowledge, no matter what field or area of interest it is associated it. It is deemed to fill up confidence and passes on great communicative talent. It even aids in improving our speech, eliminating Vani Dosha, and making the best use of what we say.

The deity of this Mantra is Mata Saraswati, also known as the Devi or goddess of speech, music, knowledge, and arts. Also, Saraswati is known as Vak Devi (Goddess of speech and sound).

If you recite this Mantra every day, it will enhance your memory and focus on your studies. This powerful Mantra can chase away unawareness and perplexity. As well it can bequeath intelligence to the one who is reciting. Learning becomes easy, and memory lasts for a long with this Mantra.

If one recites Saraswati Mantra with complete devotion, it can help pass an exam (if you are a student) or a job interview (if you are a job aspirant) successfully.

Shiva Mantra

This Mantra in astrology is regarded as the most effective in acquiring salvation and overpowering fear of death. With this powerful Mantra, one can turn negative feelings into optimistic ones.

If anyone chants the Mantra on the occasion of Chaturdashi, it will be incredibly favorable and effective, says an expert astrologer. It can even entice success and wealth wherever you go in life.

The deity of the Shiva Mantra is Lord Shiva, and the word “Shiva” literally means the one with an eternally pure soul. It even means auspiciousness and faultlessness. The power behind every Mantra that is around is Shiva. Every Shiva Mantra has great healing powers and the power to fulfill somebody’s wants.

Lakshmi Mantra

“Laksha” means aim or purpose, and the word Lakshmi is derived from the same term. One chants the Lakshmi Mantra to be wary of his or her aim and as a way to fructify it. Money Mantra is the other name of the Lakshmi Mantra. However, this is not just chanted to attain financial affluence but also to gain intelligence to lighten up the mind with knowledge.

Anyone chanting the Lakshmi Mantra can be bestowed with riches, wellness, wealth, beauty, and youth. Daily Japa of this Mantra can help in profusion of finances, wellness, and relationships.

The working people can recite the same Mantra to achieve promotions and increment in the job. The ones having any business can be benefitted by getting a rise in profits and enticing new patrons. Daily reciting of this Mantra can help get peace of mind and eliminate the negative effects in life.

Final Words

To worship each Hindu deity, Mantra chanting is suggested by Hindu scriptures. These mantras depict divine speech and imagery of deities.

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