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Should know why should curtains selected according to the wall color

The color of the curtains is the most essential part of all this selection as it must match with your overall paint of the wall and home décor. Modern-era psychologists and scientists believe that colors in different manners have an impact on our lives. It affects our home, feelings, and mode. Curtains have a huge impact on your home décor and give an artful look to your room. Selecting it in the right way helps you to attain your dream ambiance of a room and serve so many purposes such as shielding from light, insulation from noise, heat, cold, dust, and pollen.

To make the right choice of curtains you need to focus on window length, room size, curtain fabric, styles, pattern, window color, etc. But fabric color is considered the most important factor.  Before you choose curtain colors, you must emphasize the other crucial elements such as the color of the wall, floor, ceiling, furniture, and carpets as the color also influences the temperature and light in your room. For a better look, you must choose curtains in a color that best complement the shade of your walls. You must pick a hue that contrasts with the wall if you want the color of the curtains to be the focus.

  • The curtain can enhance the elegance of your room and bring boldness to the plain For instance, in an all-white room, the use of heavy dark-colored floor-to-ceiling curtains give your room a bold statement.
  • Dark color curtains deep give a remarkable look against walls. Whereas the color shade should be different from that of the wall.
  • The best option is always to choose curtains one shade lighter or one shade darker than the walls. By this way of selection, curtains will get individuality of their own.
  • If your wall has a cool color, then choose curtains with a warm color this will assure you that your walls and curtains color forms a neutral pair and oozes a much exquisite look.

The question starts to pop up in our mind when we look more in detail at the concept of curtain shade being lighter or darker. The questions come to our mind, is it necessary for all the curtain’s colors to match with home? What color goes with the gray walls? Are white curtains a good idea etc.?

  • Since gray is a neutral shade so one can go with a variety of colors for the curtains. So, we should select curtains according to the undertones involved with the gray.
  • Gray color with blue or green undertone classified as cool shade whereas gray with pink shade or with a red base such colors come under the category of warmer shades. Curtain color should match your home décor as it complements your whole space.
  • White curtains and blinds soften the window and brighten up the room. They are visually dominating and negatively affect the room’s tasteful charm which is one of its drawbacks.

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