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Flat vs Independent House: Which One is Better?

Buying a house for life is a very serious decision that requires a lot of research. In Maharashtra, places like Dapoli provides the best living space for the people as it provides all types of facilities that a person look for in a permanent residence. But among various property types, the most searched ones are the flats and the independent houses. People often get confused about which one to choose over the other. Both the property types have various advantages and become difficult to select one over the other.

Let us compare both property types to get a clear vision before finalizing one.

Flat vs Independent House: Amenities

To make the final decision, think about the amenities you are expecting from your house. If you are planning to buy a flat, you need to check all the amenities provided by the builder. All the modern amenities include appropriate parking space, fire-safety mechanism, security system, gym area, jogging track, swimming pool, etc. But for all these facilities you have to pay extra for your property. On the other hand, if you planning to buy an independent house in a gated colony, all these facilities are maintained by RWA – Resident’s Welfare Association. 

In the current scenario, builders are providing a mixed residential area where you will get a few buildings having spacious flats along with independent houses on plots. It is best to buy the plotted houses with all the amenities provided in society. 

Flat vs Independent House: Maintenance Cost

The properties that are not maintained on regular basis get damaged easily. It may cause too much inconvenience to the residents if the house is not maintained regularly after an equal interval of time. So, which one has more maintenance cost – a flat or an independent house? When we talk about the maintenance cost of an independent house, it will be much higher as compared to the flat as it depends on the size of the property. The maintenance of an independent house is entirely given by the owner but when you live in a complex, everyone has to pay for the maintenance which reduces the charges magically. 

Flat vs Independent House: Salability

Liquidating assets requires a lot of time and effort as it is not an easy process. Depending on the value of the house or flat, it takes a little bit more time to resale then as compared to the apartments. But it is entirely dependent on various factors including the demand for that property type. If the house or flat is maintained properly, the situation is a good location favorable to the buyer, having all the amenities in the complex, it is likely to be sold faster as compared to others. The most important thing to consider is to maintain the property properly so that you get a good resale value of it.

These are a few comparisons between independent houses and flats. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Before finalizing one, all you have to check is your budget, requirements, and size do the family. This will help in making an easy decision between both. 


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