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What should you know about various thread gauges?

The hardware manufacturing industry produces a wide range of products that are used in various applications across the board. Accuracy and precision are vital parameters that must be followed for efficient tools that cater to the industrial requirements. This is why the tools that are manufactured are measured for high levels of precision to ensure that they are valuable in the industry. The manufacturing process is also monitored by quality control protocols for ensuring the best quality products. There is an entire series of metrology equipments in the market for measuring lengths, diameters, and surface finish.

Thread measurement is important part of any thread component. Checking its pitch, dimensions, angle, diameter, etc is done using various measuring tools. To measure pitch diameter of thread, the thread micrometer is used, and it is fitted with conical anvil and a vee. Another way it can be measured is by using thread wire sets and standard flat face micrometer. The thread gauges are used for checking whether the thread dimensions fall within dimensional limits. It is grounded and hardened to accurate dimensions which meet the specification for required standards. 

There are two types of gauges that are used for checking the dimensions. The thread plug gauges are used for checking internal threads while the thread ring gauges are used for checking external threads. Every gauge has two fundamental parts like GO gauge and NO GO gauge and for effective and accurate measurement both parts should be utilized accordingly. For the thread to be well within the permissible dimensions, the GO plug gauge must screw into internal thread and the NO GO must not screw into it. The gauges are available for various sizes and forms including 60 degree form, 50 degree form, and acme form. 

Different types thread gauges available at Gaugestools

The main types of thread gauges that are sold in the market includes ring gauges, thread plug gauges, go gauges, no go gauges among others. There are many companies that manufacture and supply these gauges. If you are looking to purchase a specific type of thread gauge than you can conduct your own analysis to find the best manufacturer with excellent quality products. The Gaugestools are one of the reliable companies with high quality of products.

The company have extensive collection of thread gauges and taps for sale. You can easily check out the store and browse through different categories with multiple filters. You will get detailed information about the products and its features, specs, and price by visiting the product listing page. 

The Whitworth thread are one of the prominent categories of thread gauges sold by Gaugestools. When it comes to tolerance classes, the close class bolts applies to the screw threads that requires fine snug fit and it must only be used for the special work where the refined pitch accuracy and thread form are required. The Medium class nuts and bolts: They apply to better class of the ordinary interchangeable screw thread. It has a British standard that is BS 84:2007 and Whitworth thread’s thread gauges standard: BS 912-2:2007.


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