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How to Apply for a Personal Loan in Singapore?

A personal loan is mostly taken by people in dire need of money or some other special needs like emergency medical expenses, home renovation or vehicle renovation, and more. Whatever the purpose may be, personal loans are never easy. There are a lot of banks providing personal loans. You don’t have to find the fastest way to get a loan in Singapore, if you are eligible, you can just apply with the right documents, and they will approve your loan. However, if you want to know how to find the best personal loan in Singapore, here are a few things you may need.

Singapore government has set the limit of interest on loans to 4%p.a. However, you need to provide them with the right documents in order to get these loans approved for you. So, here, we are going to talk about those documents and some key takeaways you should get from the article. Stick with us to know everything about personal loans and how to get them approved.

How to qualify for these loans?

There are many steps before you finally qualify for the loan. First of all, you need to make sure that the loan is the right and the best available option currently for you. When you want to borrow money to remodel the house, a home equity loan or an auto loan with a little bit lower rate of interest will also work for you. So, why would you opt for a loan with such higher percentages of interest? Unlike those unsecured personal loans based mainly on creditworthiness, these secured loans are guaranteed by the home you want to fix or by the car you would like to buy.

Deciding how much to borrow

You also need to remember that when you are borrowing money, you don’t pay back the original loan only but you pay the rent on the money you borrow as interest. We will tell you that you should not opt for these loans until it is absolutely necessary. Do not pay interest on the money you did not even want. Therefore, make a rough sketch of how much you may need in your venture. Decide the number and then ask for that much only. It is not a great idea to think that you should take more because you may need it. Because when you do that while taking a loan, you also have to pay interest on the money you borrowed to be safe in the venture. Make sure you find the amount you may need and on which you can afford the payments.

Check your credit card

Your credit card is an amazing source of money. Many people do not know these, but most credit cards have an upper limit set with it. Thus, when applying for a personal loan, check if there is an upper limit set for your credit card. This way, that money you will get easily, and now you can borrow even a little less with that money already in your hand. Thus, you should always check your credit card before opting for a personal loan in Singapore.

Check your credit

Personal loans rely a lot on your credit roadworthiness. You can always check your credit scores and obtain updated reports from the major card reporting agencies. This will not affect your creditworthiness and will help you to sanction your loan faster, if anything. This only happens when you apply personal loan SG and the lender makes what is known as a hard inquiry.

You can always obtain a free credit report from the major reporting agencies once per year. Many loan companies also provide a free monthly credit score and rating to help you. Such services provide credit scores, reports, and any other financial services to help you. You can also pay for the credit score from the reporting agencies or online vendors. The higher your credit score is, the better chances you get to get approval for the loan.


These are some tips you should always remember while applying for a loan. Follow these tips, and you will get the best results. You will get your loan sanctioned faster than you can imagine. Find our companies for the best loans. Try us now for more.

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