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How can you find the best astrologers in the market?

Are things going haywire in your life? Are you confused about the steps you need to take in the situation? Are you at the crossroads of your life? Are you planning to hire an astrologer to find solutions to your confusion and problems? Are you finding it hard to find the best astrologers in the market?

In the earlier days, before technology invaded us, there was only one way of finding a good astrologer, i.e., word of mouth.

  • Word of mouth or referrals

You check with your family and friends for the best astrologer in the market. They are the best source of information. Their personal experience with the astrologer could be your best guide.

In the present day, you see hundreds of astrologers available online. Naturally, none of our family members or friends know them personally. We should be careful in understanding and deciding who is fake and who is genuine. We give you some points to consider before zeroing in on the best astrologer in the market.

You check the following criteria to get to the best astrologers in the market.

  • Experience

Experience is the most reliable criterion for a good astrologer. In a story from our mythology, ‘Lord Vishnu says, to be termed as an astrologer, a person should have studied and analyzed at least 50,000 horoscopes.’ It emphasizes the importance of experience to be a good astrologer. So, check the number of years of experience the astrologer has.

  • Educational background

The astrologer must have an educational background in astrology from a reputed institution. The astrologer should study under a well-known astrologer as it is a bonus point. They are preferred over the other astrologers and are preferred.

  • Followers and reviews

Check the number of followers the astrologer has. The more the number of followers, the more genuine and trustworthy the astrologer is. Check the reviews given by the customers too. Positive feedback from the customers directly indicates the customer satisfaction level. It is another clear indicator of a good astrologer.

  • Check if the astrologer studies the charts

Some astrologers have their students or juniors do the job for them. In such cases, the readings may not be as accurate as when done by the astrologer himself.

  • Name and fame

When an astrologer is good at his job, he automatically gets his name and fame and is recognized by the people. It is not easy to be praised by your peers. It is another clear indication of a good astrologer.

  • Fear mongering

Make sure that the astrologer you pick does not create fear in your mind. He should not be the one who only talks about the negative aspects and frightens people. Such astrologers only think of finding ways to extract money from clients. Instead, they should be able to comfort you and give you easy solutions. He should be able to provide remedies and deactivate adverse planets and their effects.

  • Research the astrologer

Go to their website. Check the blocks and articles. You will have a fair idea about the astrologer. Check if they have covered the subject that you want clarity on. If they have, you can count on them.

  • Schools of astrology

There are many schools of astrology. Some of them are Bhrigu, Jaimini, Indian Nadis, Krishnamoorthy, K.P., Astakavarga, and Satva. Check if the astrologer knows about one or more of these techniques. These techniques give the astrologer more capability to understand and analyze a situation.

  • Knowledge of remedies

There are different types of remedies in astrology like chanting mantras a specific number of times, performing various poojas, visiting particular temples to remove doshas, wearing certain gemstones, Etcetera. So, the author must have in-depth knowledge of these remedies to help you overcome your problems.

  • Good in communication

The astrologer must be good at communication and should be able to convey what the charts depict. He should be able to simplify the astrological terms to his clients.

  • Extraordinary claims

Do not believe astrologers who make extraordinary claims. For example, don’t believe in astrologers who say, “Astrology can get you anything you want in life.” A learned astrologer will never claim any such thing. They will check your charts and tell you what is in store for you. They will suggest remedial measures if necessary.

Check the above criteria while selecting an astrologer. A good astrologer helps you reduce the adverse effects indicated in your birth chart and helps you make the best use of your good times. It helps you have the most your life can provide you.

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