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5 Best Horse Breeds for Rugged Mountain Hunting

The Rocky Mountain Horse breed originated in the United States in the late 1800s, at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains in eastern Kentucky. At the time of its inception, there was no need to document anything about these horses. Little did the people of the area know that one day their useful horses would become the basis of a certain breed of horse? The existence of these horses has for many years been a mystery to almost everyone except the locals.

The virtues of a good hunting horse

To some extent, any horse can be trained to do anything, but when it comes to mountain hunting, you need a horse with certain characteristics. Needless to say, a horse should have feet and be able to handle different areas, but even a good mountain hunter should not be bothered by sudden loud noises, and should not care about the smell (or sight) of blood. 

The best breed for mountain hunting.

American Quarter Horse

You will find quarterbacks mostly because of their popularity in the ‘best breed’ lists, but mainly because they are good horses that will guide you in most areas, especially those whose So they work. The doer needs a horse that can think. the location

What to wear for hunting in the mountains?

Always make sure your clothing company (if used) has everything they recommend for your specific outing. In general, though, here’s a basic list of gear you’d like to pack for a hunting trip:

Rocky Mountain Horse

With the word ‘Hill’ in its name, who can argue with the Rocky Mountain Horse’s backcountry hunting ability? A relatively new breed that has only been registered since the mid-1980s is the Rocky Mountain Horse Kentucky breed of horse called the ‘Old Tub’. Despite being considered a younger generation, the Rocky Mountain Horse is growing in popularity and becoming a popular choice for many.

Like many other breeds that are ideal for mountain hunting, the Rocky Mountain Horse is very tolerant and certainly steps on extremely rugged terrain.


Mules are often overlooked as a mountain for backcountry rides, but they are far more suitable than you think. Falsely called stupid and stubborn, they are not only extremely intelligent (they think they are more than both horses and donkeys) but also very hardworking. Capable of carrying heavy loads on challenging terrain, mules are actually more capable than horse or pony breeds.

Even today there are many parts of the world where mules are used regularly instead of cars because they have the ability to cover extremely unstable terrain. 

Separation ideas

Having the right horse for work is sometimes a mountain job – especially when hunting in the mountains. Choosing a breed known for its strength and endurance will truly reward the rider with a successful adventure

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