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A Guide To Understanding Stair Designs 

The interior of your house tells a lot about yourself. When you are an interior designer or the owner of your home, choosing the perfect staircase design is very important, as it must simultaneously be convenient and stylish. So let’s find out the ideal stair for your house.

What Staircase Looks Good In A House?

There are many designs and materials that you get while designing the staircase of your house. 

  • Wood 

The easiest to build and stylish material for stairs. You can create a straight stairway or an l-shaped stairway made of wood and make the hand railing or the Baluster made of steel; it will look amazing. You can pair the vote with glass as well.

  • Glass 

Glass Stairs made of glass can go with presence; you can design spiral, ladder, curved or straight stairways. You can create the class stair in many designs. You can make the steps made of glass, or what looks even great is the combination of food and drink, where you can keep the thread and handrail of the stair made of wood and the Baluster made of glass. 

  • Designer Tiles 

You can also design your staircase using colourful tiles, but to make the designer tiles look more adjective in stairs, instead of placing them at the thread, you can place them at the riser of the straight, curved, or 90-degree winder stairway. 

  • Steel

Steal the fantastic option to build an affordable and good-looking staircase. The best way to pair steel is with glass and marble. So if you want to create a steel stairway, you can make it in L-Shaped, U-Shaped, curved, etc. Stairways, Etc. 

Is Glass Stair Safe?

This is the concern of many about the staircase made of glass. So, if you want to make a glass Staircase, you can make it in various designs, and that’s when the question stands. 

If you have Kids in your house and the handrail and Baluster are made of glass, it’s hazardous for them as kids keep throwing things here and there. 

Then if you want to keep the thread of the stair made of glass if it’s a vacation house, it is understandable, but if you live there, handling those unique stair designs would be difficult; you can easily trip, or any heavy object can fall into it. 


We have included all the positive and risky factors of glass stairs. So try to keep in mind all aspects before making a glass stair. This article will help you find out the perfect stair for your house.

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