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Do Questions Get Repeated in the GATE Exam? 

As enticing as it may sound, questions from the previous years DO NOT get repeated at all! But the concepts get repeated. To put it into simpler words, the topics that might have been frequently stressed in the previous years’ question papers are more likely to be repeated. 

So a quick hack to prepare in the right direction is by checking the GATE previous years’ question papers first and then studying accordingly instead of covering all the unnecessary topics that might not even appear in the exam. Now, understanding all the concepts is important- it helps candidates get a hold of all the technical terms that they might have to deal with later. But it would be a drag to keep learning topics that might not be very important for the current syllabus. Try learning the basics instead and leave the rest for later. 

In this article, we will discuss more on previous years’ question papers. Read ahead to learn more. 

Why are Previous Years’ Question Papers Important? 

Practising question papers from previous years help candidates get a grip on the type and pattern of questions that might appear in the real exam. Given that the questions don’t get repeated, they must know what type of questions might appear. It will help them stay prepared. Candidates can check the GATE previous year question paper here. 

Following are the benefits of solving question papers from the previous year for GATE 2022: 

  1. Candidates get a blueprint of the actual exam and get to know what type of questions are asked in the subject, unit, and topic. 
  2. Preparation can be done accordingly since the candidate would know what type of numerical and theoretical questions might appear. 
  3. Spotting tricky questions becomes easy, and the speed of solving paper escalates over time. 
  4. Individuals get to know their weak links- the basics that might not be clear, the important topics that are left out, the concepts that are yet to be covered, etc. 
  5. One can feel more confident on the day of the exam and be less anxious about the preparation level. Time management becomes easy, and solving the paper does not feel like a horrendous or stressful task at the least. 

Which Year’s Question Paper Should Candidates Solve? 

Candidates can solve as many question papers as they want to get a brief idea of the question and exam pattern, but solving papers that are too old might not help very well. For starters, their syllabus may be entirely different, the pattern of questions might have changed, new topics that might be important today might not have been introduced in those years, etc. You can practice the GATE 2020 question paper and GATE 2021 question paper to understand the current pattern of questions, while you can also solve papers from 2020, 2019, and 2018 to gauge the examination pattern. 

Other Resources 

Other than previous years’ question papers, you must also have the following resources in hand: 

  • GATE sample test papers to practice and improve the speed of solving questions. 
  • GATE notes from credible online and offline resources. 
  • GATE full form and difference between articles are helpful to understand the basics and clarify the doubts. 
  • GATE mock tests to organise and solve frequently. 

If you are a GATE aspirant, we suggest you start preparing for GATE 2023 from today itself. GATE is one of the most sought after exams in India, and the competition is too high. Check out GATE 2020, 2021, and 2022 question papers to understand what kind of questions might appear in your GATE 2023 exams. Prepare better with the resources mentioned above. Adios! 


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