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The BPSS, which stands for the Baseline Personnel Security Standard, is the minimum degree of inspection that all persons who work for or as representatives of a government agency are supposed to have. Checks via the BPSS were established to aid in the reduction of the danger of unauthorized employees, as well as identity theft, and to defend the nation’s safety generally. In most cases, these investigations take place before an individual is hired. Do check out: bpss security clearance

The media industry, the energy industry, and the financial sector all use BPSS as their standard testing level.

The fee for a BPSS check is now £115.00 per use, and the processing period for the check is typically between 7-10 days during business hours.

Why is it required to do so?

The government considers the use of BPSS checks to verify an individual’s identification to be an essential safety measure.

as well as the rights they have to find employment in the UK. To provide some degree of confidence about the reliability, integrity, truthfulness, and values necessary for the job position of the person being screened, these kinds of checks are often required when it comes to gaining government contracts or jobs associated with the government.

The use of BPSS checks helps to reduce the dangers that are present when persons are dealing with potentially sensitive information.

What kinds of information are included in a check like this one?

The following four components, referred to as RICE, make up the verification that is included in a BPSS check:

The right to work – refers to a person’s nationality and immigration status, which must include the right to carry out the employment in question.

Identity– Check your identification using your ID data (electronic identity authentication, including name, address, aliases, connections, finances, etc.)

Criminal records- A search of criminal history that merely looks for outstanding offenses (basic reporting)

Employment– Confirmation of job history and activities for the most recent three years (minimum) is required for an employment history check.

In addition to this, applicants are needed to declare any considerable amounts of time spent outside the country.

How many independent contractors submit their requests for these kinds of checks?

In the past, the procedure of applying for a BPSS check was onerous and complicated for independent contractors and people.

Some of the sites came up with an efficient and straightforward method to fulfill the screening requirements of these people. They are able to receive candidatures through their eScreening site, and after the process is over, the data is delivered safely to the applicant, where it is summarized and made ready to be given to potential employers.

It has never been easier to apply for a BPSS check than it is now, thanks to the user-friendliness of the system and the availability of our professionals to respond to any questions you may have.


Hope this article gives a clear insight about the Baseline Personnel Security Standard and its features.