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There are many avenues within Life Coaching that can assist in your own personal activation, so which course is the best fit for me?

It can be quite overwhelming when you look at all the different things we need to balance in life: career, relationships, creative aspirations, mindset, money, and physical and mental health. How do you know which of my programs best fits you?

It’s natural to be curious about the most effective way to follow your own path to success. No one knows exactly what motivation and insight will resonate with you; that’s why having a personal life coach can be GOLDEN. Because it allows you to step back and ask: what elements in my life do I need to address now?

What’s the everyday cost of a life that lacks balance?

The first thing that needs to be addressed is the cost of a life that lacks balance. The everyday cost of it is not obvious at first but gradually begins to sabotage your well-being. When you are in a state of imbalance, your body is not operating at its peak performance. You may not feel like yourself even when everything else seems to be going well for you. Your energy levels may be low or nonexistent, meaning you may feel tired all the time or experience mood swings or bouts of depression. You may also find it more difficult to focus on tasks that require mental concentration or physical effort.

A life coach can help you determine if other avenues are within your budget and assist you in prioritizing those that make the most sense for you and your situation.

Many people underestimate the cost of their own habits and behaviours, which can be hidden spending on unnecessary things like coffee or alcohol, eating out at restaurants too often, not taking care of themselves by exercising, etc. This is why it’s important to have a plan in place before starting any coaching relationship.

Help you arrive at solutions for your problems

It’s my goal to help you arrive at feasible solutions for your problems. As your personal coach, I’ll help you identify what is holding you back from being happy and living the life you want. Then I will work with you individually or in groups to achieve your goals and dreams.

A professional Life Coach can help you:

  • Find solutions for your problems.
  • Increase self-awareness, personal growth and development
  • Overcome limiting beliefs, fears and blocks
  • Increase motivation, self-esteem, confidence & motivation
  • Improve relationships with others & yourself

Now you may already know which areas of your life need more supervision to lead a happy life. Working with a life coach will help you find the missing link, the ‘why’. You can fix the problem with solutions that are made for you alone.

These are the list of solutions you can choose from Leigh Stafford Coaching:

If you want to build a well-balanced life for yourself and your family, the life coaching program is a suitable option for you.

  • Mental Wellness Coaching

Do you think you have some mindset blocks that prevent you from taking big steps in your life and business? Take the mental wellness coaching program to create new thinking habits and beliefs.

  • Relationship Coaching

The quality of your relationships determines a good life. A relationship coaching program will teach you how to create healthy and functional relationships at work and home with others.

  • Career Coaching

A career coaching program helps you discover your possible career paths that align with your life goals and dreams.

  • Mindfulness Coaching

Join mindfulness coaching if you want to be present and make mindful decisions in your life. This will help you become more aware of yourself and life.

  • Family Life Coaching

Family life coaching will help you work through challenges within your family and have better relationship dynamics with your parents and siblings.

  • Life Skills Coaching

Life skill coaching will help you find the tools to live a purpose-driven and meaningful life. It’ll help you build yourself inside-out.

  • Stress Management Coaching

Are you overwhelmed with all the things happening in your life? I’ll assist you in managing your stress at work and home. You’ll learn how to set boundaries,  have better-coping strategies and include relaxing activities in your regime.

Your simplified life begins here

Get complete guidance from a Quality Mind™, globally certified coach, Leigh Stafford, to create the life you deserve. Building the life of your dreams is now a step away. Hop on a free discovery call with us to clarify what is lacking in your life and how to fix it.

We offer a wide range of coaching programs as per your need starting from $300. Would you like to know more about our life coaching program? Visit our website or book a free discovery call to learn more.

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