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Five Methods of Effectively Treating Termites as per Houston Pest Control Experts at Life After Bugs

It is important to control termite infestation in our homes to ensure a healthy and safe environment. Termite treatment is done to ensure minimal or almost no damage to the valuables at risk of termite infestation. With any sign of termites, inspecting to check the damage level they cause is important. This assessment can be done individually at home or with the help of Houston Pest Control experts at Life After Bugs. Life After Bugs is a household name in Houston because of how they have helped thousands of residents live a pest-free life.

Five Methods of Effectively Treating Termites 

Bait treatment

This method works by tricking the termites. The baits can be set around the house or on the ground near the termite’s infested points to attract the termites. The baits are essentially made of termiticides, where the termites will eat the bait and get affected by the chemical in the termiticide. This method can be used around their colonies and kill them in large numbers. The main ingredients in the bait are hexaflumuron, chlorfluazuron, trioxide, or noviflumuron, which effectively kills termites.

High temperatures

Termites are very sensitive to temperatures. A slight temperature change kills them almost instantly without using other techniques. Extremely high or cold temperatures can be induced in the infested areas, ultimately killing them. This method does not fully treat the termites; it should be repeated once they reappear.

Preconstruction treatment

It is the easiest and best way of treating termites. Because the ground is bare before construction, allowing the spreading of the chemicals in this case. It is also cheaper than the post-construction treatment. The immediate layer of the soil that will later come in contact with the structure’s foundation is treated with chemicals.

Liquid soil treatment.

A liquid soil treatment option treats the soil around your house to deter the termites. This method proves effective because it stays longer in the ground. It is done by digging a trench around the house, applying the termiticide, and filling the soil back. This method kills termites trying to cross over or those trying to return to their nest after looking for food.


This method involves injecting lethal gas deep into the soil. The gas finds its way through the soil or beneath a structure into the termite’s nests. It is one of the most efficient methods. This treatment method can best be handled by a professional Houston Pest Control expert, like the ones from Life After Bugs, because it requires extensive preparation and evacuation of a home until the gas levels get minimal to a point where it is harmless to the human body.

Reach Out to Life After Bugs for Effective Houston Pest Control Solutions

Termite infestations are a prevalent problem for households in Houston. We specialize in keeping your house termite-free at Life After Bugs. Our skilled staff is committed to offering Houston’s best pest control solutions. Don’t allow termites to undermine the structural integrity of your house; call Life After Bugs now for a thorough termite examination and prevention strategy.

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