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How To Diamond Paint. 

Placing The Canvas. 

1.Get a kit for painting diamonds. Each brand will vary slightly, but most kits will come with the following items: a canvas that has already been printed, drills with flat backs, a tray, a tool that resembles a pen, and a packet of gel or wax. Do checkout: Diamond Painting Eigenes Foto

  1. Recognize how to read a canvas. Similar to a cross-stitch canvas, the canvas is made up of tiny boxes that are coloured and labelled with numbers, letters, and/or symbols. Each symbol represents a different shade of diamond. On a chart, the symbols are written along with the appropriate bag colour and drill colour. Typically, the chart is printed on the canvas’s side.
  2. The canvas should be unrolled and taped on a flat surface. Roll the canvas in the other direction and then unroll it if it won’t lay flat. Spread it out evenly, then use masking tape to seal the edges. 

This task might take some time. Think about taping the canvas to a board that you can quickly move out of the way.

  1. Remove a portion of the canvas’ plastic covering. Only 1 to 2 inches (2.54 to 5.08 centimeters) of the plastic should be removed.
  2. Pour the first colour of your drill into the tray. To evenly disperse the diamonds and position them in the proper direction, gently shake the tray.
  3. Examine the area of the canvas that you just exposed. To begin, pick a box and make a note of the symbol inside. Choose the bag with the same symbol, then compare the symbol on the canvas to the chart.
  4. Pour a few of the diamonds into the tray that was included with your kit after opening the package. To level the drills and position them upright, gently shake the tray.

Use of the Diamonds.

1.Put some of the gel or wax from your package on your pen tool. Open the gel/wax packet that was included with your kit, then take some out by dipping the metal end of the pen into the liquid. This will make it feasible for the pen to collect the drills.

  1. Grab the diamond with the pen. Put a light pressure with the pen tip against the faceted top of the drill. The drill should be adhered to the pen when you lift it out of the tray.
  2. Place the drill gently against the relevant square and fill in the remaining squares in that area and also complete more squares after removing a portion of the plastic covering.

Completing The Diamond Painting.

1.Put the plastic sheet that came with it over the canvas. If the sheet was thrown away, you might cover it with a piece of parchment paper; nevertheless, you should avoid using any form of paper, especially wax paper, on the open canvas. 

  1. Rolling a pin across the canvas will do. Any loose diamonds will be pressed down and secured as a result.
  2. Overnight, place a few large books on top of the canvas to make sure they are set properly. 
  3. Finally, peel off the tape and then the canvas is framed.

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