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How To Get Rid Of Blue Bottle Flies? Let’s Find Out

Blue bottle flies, as the name suggests, are metallic blue color flies that are found near rotting matter and fecal matter. They are usually an indicator that something is being decayed around. With the scientific name Calliphora vomitoria, these species are hyperactive in feeding and laying eggs. They almost resemble a house fly the only differences lie in their color and size. A blue bottle fly is a bit bigger in size than the ordinary house fly.

They do not build any structure to stay. Instead, roam around from one place to another. They are a huge risk for various infections and diseases like typhoid, dysentery, anthrax, tuberculosis, and many more such dreadful diseases.

Children are especially at risk as they are playful and do not realize the harm these blue bottle flies could make. They are indeed a headache for the people and everyone wants to get rid of them once they start to meander around their house. This article will inform people on how to do so.

1. Eliminate The Breeding Source

Everyone is well-aware of the breeding places where the blue bottle fly lays their eggs and expands its chain. People need to cut those breeding sources if they want to eliminate their kingdom from their houses. Now, there are a few hygiene practices that people need to follow to get rid of these irritating creatures. They are:

  • Cleaning the dustbins daily which are inside the house and throwing the garbage outside once there has been a sufficient dump for a day.
  • Checking the places inside the house where there is not much human intervention. Cleaning those places thoroughly.
  • Making sure that nothing is stinking in the house or inside the refrigerator.
  • Don’t cook so much food that it needs to be stored in a refrigerator. Finish what is cooked on the same day.

2. Use Methods To Eliminate Remaining Flies

Now, since the breeding spots have been cleaned and checked effectively so they cannot lay eggs. People now, have to eliminate adult flies from their houses which are very noisy and creepy. Certain methods can be used to eradicate adult flies from inside houses.

  • People can buy fly fans to shoo away the flies from their surroundings. Even if they are outside sitting in a restaurant and having their meals, this fan can be used effectively.
  • An insecticide can also be used to spray inside the house so that the adult flies find their way out.
  • Certain fly traps are also available in the market that can be placed in the most susceptible places inside the house. Various chemical traps can be used, as also light traps.

Final Overview

These were the methods that people may use to get rid of the blue bottle flies from their houses. Most methods are for the inside, but the fly fans could be used on the outer premises also so that these flies stay away. To be protected from dreadful diseases, be sure to execute these methods effectively.

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