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Lip Surgery Will Help You To Give Plumpy And Attractive Lips

Lips are the most attractive feature of our face. Properly shaped lips will help you look charming and enhance your smile. There are different types of lips, so people go for lip surgery to give it a fuller look. This article will help you briefly understand lip surgery’s process, advantages, and disadvantages.

Why Lip Surgery?

Getting lip fillers for men (ทํา ปากกระจับ ผู้ชาย, which is the term in Thai) is the most common thing these days as it hardly takes time to give it a fulfilling effect. Most of us are unhappy with the shape of the lips, so to make it more alluring, this surgery is necessary. You need to consult the best cosmetologist to get the desired shape.

Is The Surgery The Same For Both Men And Women?

Usually, it’s the same for both of them. It depends upon the preferences of what type of lips they are looking for. If any one of them has fat lips, then the doctor will shed a few tissues from there to make it a bit thinner and in proper shape; similarly, if the lips are thin, then lip fillers are provided, giving it a proper shape and making it look soft and supple.

The fillers were injected to give the lips a more enticing look that anyone can look beautiful in, but one disadvantage is that these fillers last for 8 or 12 months. After that, they need to maintain the proper shape and again have to apply the filler.

How Is The Surgery Done?

  • Firstly, we need to consult a proper physician for this surgery who is experienced in this field.
  • Secondly, the doctors will run a few tests to see whether the patients are allergic to anything or taking any medications.
  • Thirdly, the surgery takes a few hours, and the doctor will provide anesthesia to the lips. When the process is done, the stitches are applied and will feel numb for an hour.

Getting lip fillers for men sometimes must be corrected if they desire chestnut-shaped lips. This pattern doesn’t go well with a thick mouth, wrinkled mouth, or a hung mouth,  as the lower lip is thicker than the upper one.


Surgery will help you to look at your uneven lips look even,but you need to follow instructions after the surgery as suggested by the doctors to maintain your good looks. Try to refrain from applying lipstick for two weeks after the surgery, and do not lick your lips while the stitches are there.

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