Merging Marketing Campaign with Contactless Business Card Technology

A recent marketing campaign emerged. Numerous are now utilizing digital business cards. This has become adequate material in online marketing because:


With this technology, users can tap a sticker on an item, enabling them to access more information on a product or ad. This also gives businesses a better idea of how long it will take for a product to arrive. This allows companies to save money on undelivered products. Another benefit is that NFC stickers are operable to create interactive ads. This can provide a way to engage customers and incentivize them to participate in an interactive campaign by offering a discount or voucher.


Additionally, businesses can create interactive advertisements with NFC stickers. These stickers are attachable to the following:

  1. POS displays
  2. Brochures
  3. Windows
  4. Product labels

Individuals can pre-dial the sticker. Hence, it directs the customer to a website of choice, a call-to-action (CTA) line, or a video or educational material.


NFC is a guaranteed procured-friendly approach to creating interactive ads. It enables the customer to control the experience and puts them in charge. This provides a reliable way for customers to communicate with the company. The material can also enhance customer interaction in stores and shops. This content decreases the time it takes to find a product. It is beneficial for indoor navigation.


Customers can still access information via the NFC tag even if they do not have an internet connection. They can:

  • Visit websites to review products 
  • Download videos
  • Access an answer phone or pre-dial several numbers
  • Link them to a blog or another URL that provides more information
  • Launching an application or a contact form.

This is just one example of how NFC can boost engagement in shops and provide marketing insights. By collecting customer engagement data through this material, firms can better understand how well their products perform.

Continue reading the infographic below and learn more about how it can enhance the marketing campaign developed by NFC Tagify:

How can NFC Help Improve Your Marketing Campaign

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