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Richard Watkinson, An Inspector Under Investigation For Child Images Abuses, Is Found Dead In Buckinghamshire: The MiG-31 Engine K’s Catches Fire In The Minsk Region

Richard Watkinson, a senior police Inspector, who is on suspension for child abuse images, is found dead. In the breaking news today, his body is found at his residence in Buckinghamshire on Thursday. He is being investigated for the distribution of indecent images of kids. He is facing the charges of misuse of public office and voyeurism.

An IOPC  (Independent Office for Police Conduct) arrested Richard on July 9, 2021 while he is serving at the command unit in the West Area. Met Police Specialist Officers took over the case on major developments during the investigation. 

According to a communique from IOPC spokesperson, the 40 year old Richard is arrested after receiving a referral from MPS (Metropolitan Police Service) on July 9, 2021. He is first arrested  finding several indecent images of children in a secret room at his residence. He further said skilled special officers are investigating the matter in the public interest. 

His arrest spurred a debate among his colleagues because he is one of the prominent figures. He also holds a nickname – Sir Smashy, which represents a Harry Enfield Character. He is initially taken into custody on allegations of misusing police powers, distributing obscene messages, misconduct in a public office and breaching data protection norms. It led to the joint investigation of the case by IOPC and Met’s professional standards unit. He is released on bail and placed under suspension. He underwent tremendous mental strain after the suspension. There are concerns about his suicidal thoughts. It is likely killed himself. 

The investigators searched the home of the suspect and unearthed a secret door paving the way for computer equipment. They found sexual abuse images on his computer. It is classified as the most serious level. He is again arrested after 11 days of finding sexual abuse images at his home.

An unexplained and unsuspicious death

Met Police Officers visited his Buckinghamshire home, which lies under the jurisdiction of Thames Valley Police, on welfare concerns on January 12. They found the body of Richard at his home. Thames Valley Police officers are dealing with this matter. He is about to be chargesheeted on Thursday for his sexual interest in children. It is said to have feared publicly naming him for the distribution of indecent child images. The police have informed his kin about the unexplained death inside the property in Buckinghamshire.

An Engine of MiG-31 Catches Fire

The Russian Federation’s MiG-31 K’s engine exploded, and the aircraft eventually ended its operation and returned to the airport in Machulishchi. Residents in the neighborhood of Molodechno heard the sound of a massive explosion in the Minsk region around noon according to the breaking news today. It is also reported that the windows of houses of several inhabitants rattled in this horrific incident. 

According to Belariski Hajun, a military monitoring media outlet, the engine of the MiG-31 fighter jet caught fire when it was flying over Maladziecna, a city in Belarus. The analysts say it is not an explosion and just an engine surge. The incident was reported at 10:59, A Kviv time. It is also the same aircraft in which the engine failure was noticed on December 25, 2022.

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