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Sales engagement platform: why it’s important to connect analytics for sales

Innovative products focus on maximum automation of work with customers – receiving information, building up contacts, selling products. But these are technical actions. Setting up the system itself is still in the hands of a specific specialist marketer. The analytics option in sales engagement platforms, such as systems like, allows for new levels of contact expansion and revenue generation.

Compromises are a thing of the past: everything is in sight

Making compromises and relying solely on intuition are no longer necessary. All compromises with professionalism in marketing are now forgotten. Qualitative analytics and advanced information from platform reports, allows for a qualitative assessment. Just the list of information received, and actions performed, is impressive:

– collecting and providing automated reports on e-newsletter activity, calls to clients;

– analysis of contacts and their performance;

– excerpts and comprehensive statistics of the company’s work and marketing actions;

– exporting statistical data to any convenient format and method of presentation, visualization;

– recording, listening and generation of audio messaging systems according to the preset algorithm.

The system also effectively manages all incoming information, including data on the fulfillment of tasks and goals. The full volume of information received allows managerial decisions to be made, both at the marketing and management level of the company.

What else does analytics solve in sales?

It is equally important to use analytical data for quick and quality decisions in the promotion of products/services. Combining data processing and customer communications (CRM) allows you to convert analytical information, through feedback, into action. An automated system will be able to segment customers in new ways, assign new goals and achieve increased purchases and orders after analyzing responses and reactions. It’s not so much the data processing that matters here, but the speed at which it happens. This is how you can successfully increase sales in a very competitive market where there is a high level of profitability.

And most importantly, company performance forecasting and employee performance evaluation can also be done based on platform analytics. And this is a step towards obtaining a new level of profit, and for a startup, reaching profitability and the first earnings.

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