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Soberlink: Help For Families With An Alcoholic Parent!

Children’s lives are being deeply influenced in unforeseen ways as the epidemic intensifies for parents. Many schools have had to shut for extended periods of time, only to reopen for shorter periods of time, prompting the development of remote learning initiatives. Due of the outbreak, some parents may be worried about their children’s safety if they allow them to stay home from school.

Aggression, a lack of impulse control, and mental instability are only some of the negative outcomes of chronic binge drinking among co-parents. Anyone who exhibits even one of these behaviors around a minor risks experiencing severe physical, psychological, and emotional consequences down the road. In a culture as fragmented as ours, it is more important than ever those alcoholic parents monitor their children’s drinking.

Keep an Eye on the Alcohol

As a result of the epidemic, many individuals have had to make adjustments to their regular schedules. This is especially important for parents who have a history of substance addiction or dependency. When these individuals don’t have consistent routines in place, especially ones that stress accountability and responsibility, they are more prone to relapse. A more isolated environment may increase the risk of recurrence for those with mental health problems. In order to keep oneself healthy and happy, one must replace harmful routines and behaviors with more beneficial ones.

The epidemic has also had an impact on how Soberlink conducts its alcohol tests. Many individuals will have to travel some distance either to get a copy of their lab findings or to have them tested. Prior to the introduction of COVID, it might have required a considerable amount of time to prepare for, execute, and analyze tests. As the epidemic spread, authorities ordered a shutdown and there was contention about which sectors constituted “important companies” and hence required extra safeguards. Patients and their loved ones who must go out into the community for testing are putting themselves at greater danger as the number of COVID cases increases.

Applying the Soberlink Alco-Monitoring System

For the first time ever, parents can monitor their children’s alcohol usage without leaving the comfort of their own homes, thanks to the advent of new monitoring technologies. Soberlink’s cutting-edge technology offers a number of advantages over competing remote alcohol monitoring solutions. This means that consumers may take the exam from any location and get fast feedback.

Soberlink’s face recognition technology prevents any problems with fake users or tampered devices during remote testing. Users’ blood alcohol concentration (BAC) readings will be recorded and sent in real time to the testing module of Soberlink’s cloud-based management software.

Soberlink, an alcohol monitoring software that has received positive reviews about Soberlink since its introduction, has been employed by American family courts for the last decade. Industry experts have dubbed this system “The Experts in Remote Monitoring Technology,” and it has been praised for letting parents maintain constant tabs on their children’s drinking habits. The convenience of at-home testing for CMV ensures the safety of our customers and their loved ones.

Smart technology may help allay the fears of a co-parent who is worried about their child’s safety. Soberlink monitoring helps families dealing with the impacts of alcoholism establish safer co-parenting arrangements in today’s more dispersed society.

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