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Ultimate Guide on the Top Camel Riding tours of Dubai 2022?

Dubai is a modern and global city with the highest skyscrapers on the globe and a multi-national population. You can also find yourself deep within the desert, surrounded by drifting dunes, if you travel a few kilometers to the south. The best way to see the desert is from Dubai on Camelback.

Dubai camel tours are extremely popular. There are many options for you to choose from if you desire to go on a desert safari in Dubai.

You can also enjoy traditional Bedouin entertainment and Arabic cuisine on some of the most popular camel tours in Dubai. You might even get to witness the sunset or sunrise in the desert. 

Five of the best-rated Dubai Safari camel rides have been selected for me to review. Each has its own interests and I think one of these Dubai desert camel rides would be the perfect fit for you 

Dubai Travel Guide

Dubai is a city that has seen unprecedented growth. The population has increased from 60,000 to 3,188,000. In 50 years. Over 98% of the city’s buildings and infrastructure are new, which is a clear sign that it has experienced rapid growth. This is where you will find the tallest building and tallest hotel in the city, as well as the busiest international airport for passengers. 

Old Dubai’s history dates back to over 3,000 years. The desert wilderness can be reached in a few minutes. This fascinating global city offers many things for everyone. 

Best Camel Riding Tours In Dubai

#1- Dubai: Desert Safari with Camel Ride

This incredible desert excursion offers a complete introduction to Arabic culture and is a great way for you to ride a camel in Dubai. Explore Bedouin entertainment and food. 

A camel is the best way to see the desert landscapes of Dubai. This exciting Dubai camel safari will provide traditional head-coverings that will protect you from the sun’s heat and allow you to explore the shifting dunes. 

#2- Dubai 6-Hour Evening Camel Safari & BBQ Dinner

This is the perfect evening desert safari for those who love to see the sunset over the desert. This exciting excursion will allow you to immerse yourself in Bedouin culture, and enable you to go camel trekking in Dubai.

You can ride a camel across shifting sand dunes and then enter a Bedouin camp. There you will be welcomed with dates, Arabic Coffee. You can smoke a shisha pipe or get a henna tattoo done by an expert. 

#3- From Dubai: Sunset Camel Trek with Shows & BBQ at Al Khayma

A day trip from Dubai Offers the chance to ride a camel through shifting sands in the desert. Sunsets are beautiful in the Arabian Desert. This adventure will take you to many deserts cultural experiences that will leave lasting memories.

Take a camel ride through the sand dunes to witness the sunset over the desert. This is an ideal time to capture stunning photos if you love photography. 

#4- Dubai: Sunrise Camel Trek with Breakfast

This morning desert safari in Dubai is a great option if you are looking for great Value. It offers spectacular sunrise and breakfast in Bedouin camps.

You’ll be rewarded with dates and a coffee upon your arrival at the Bedouin camp. After that, you will be introduced to your camel. Then you can begin your Dubai desert camel ride.

#5- Dubai: Sahara Dunes & Camel Caravan with BBQ at Al Khayma   

This highly-rated desert safari offers great value and is a great way to see camels at Dubai. This tour is unique because you can sandboard and dune bashing from a land cruiser.

You will be taken on a land cruiser ride through the dunes. Then, you’ll have the chance to sandboard down loose sand slopes at speed. You can download the photos later with your guide.


You might think Dubai is expensive due to its artificial islands and modern skyscrapers. There are many 5-star luxury hotels, penthouses of billionaires, and affordable accommodations for budget-minded travelers.

The general rule is that the farther you travel south, the more expensive and newer the accommodation will be. If you are only visiting the area for the nightlife, beaches then you should consider staying in the old neighborhoods and downtown. 

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