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Employment Opportunities in the Pilates Industry

Job Description for Pilates Instructor


Becoming a Pilates teacher is challenging but pays off for those who persevere.


The fitness industry is overgrowing, and Pilates instructors earn competitive salaries.


You can also advance your career after completing a Pilates certification program.


Top Pilates Jobs and Careers

Certified Personal Trainer

Strength & Conditioning Trainer

Private Fitness Consultant

Where can a Pilates instructor work?

Pilates instructors can work in gyms, fitness centres and other public or private fitness environments.


You can work for yourself in your home, or anywhere you feel comfortable.


Current Career Job Openings

These job opportunities are for Pilates instructors.


What it’s like to be a Pilates instructor


Is being a Pilates instructor hard?

Although it is physically demanding work, most people in this field wouldn’t describe it as “hard.”


Physical and mental challenges are part of the job, primarily if you work in a field that relies on physical training and activity.


Does a Pilates instructor’s job cause stress?

The stress level of a Pilates teacher is lower than that of many other professions.


You’re not only doing what you love but also helping others succeed. This is a gratifying experience.


Start your Pilates career in Montana


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Considering the potential risks that can arise unexpectedly, it is prudent to explore the option of acquiring errors and omissions insurance in Montana. This valuable coverage provides comprehensive protection for you and your business, offering peace of mind in the face of unforeseen circumstances.


Common Pilates Instructor Workday

A pilates teacher’s workday heavily depends on the clientele or schedule for that day.


The pilates instructor will move from one place to another to conduct the classes or workouts.


Some pilates instructors may be employed by a particular fitness centre so that they will teach at the exact location.


The pilates teacher may take advantage of the time if they have few or no appointments that day to find new clients, develop new workout plans for classes, or search for additional venues looking for pilates instructors.


Pilates Instructor Duties & Tasks

Pilates teachers who work in a fitness centre or gym are usually only responsible for creating the training program and teaching their classes.


Many Pilates instructors’ tasks will be related to running their businesses.


It can be used to court clients, create new programs, address clients’ concerns, research new health techniques, etc.


Pilates Instructor Work Hours & Schedule

Work hours and schedules for Pilates instructors are primarily determined by where and when they wish to work.


They may have to adhere to a stricter schedule if they partner with a fitness centre or gym.


Pilates Instructor Dress Code

No dress code is required to become a Pilates teacher, except for those set by the fitness centres they teach.


The best clothing for Pilates is usually whatever you feel comfortable in, allowing you to move freely.


Is this career field a good fit for work/life balance?

You will have the opportunity to achieve a work-life balance by becoming a Pilates teacher.


You can achieve this balance by working in a fitness centre or gym or as self-employed.


How much money can a Pilates instructor make?

A pilates teacher earns significantly more than the national average of personal care and service occupations.


Becoming a Pilates instructor will give you more financial security than any other job.


What is the average salary of a Pilates instructor?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has set the median annual wage for a Pilates instructor at $46,700.


They earn more than the median income of all education, civic and government jobs.


Even if you consider that many Pilates instructors work only part-time, this is still a significant number.


The Pilates Industry Overview


Pilates Instructor Field: Career Progression

Pilates teachers can pursue many different career paths to achieve their goals.


Most instructors will begin as apprentices and then progress to teaching in a private or public capacity.


Some people train or teach new Pilates instructors after completing teacher training.


After becoming a master teacher trainer, many will move on to hosting workshops, retreats or opening their studio.


What is the best career for a Pilates instructor?

Pilates is an excellent career choice for anyone who wants to earn a living while being physically fit and helping others achieve or maintain fitness.


Jobs for Pilates Instructors

The BLS predicts that the pilates sector will grow at a 39% rate through 2030.


There is no better time to become a Pilates teacher than right now.


Demand for Pilates Instructors

Fitness trainers (including pilates instructors) are expected to have more than 69,000 new job openings yearly.


Fitness sector’s recovery after COVID-19 has led to a spike in demand.


Pilates Instructor Facts

Customer service is one of the most valuable skills that a Pilates teacher can have. This is a great asset when it comes to finding new clients.

Pilates instructors are excellent communicators since they must explain how each exercise is performed correctly.

Nearly three-quarters of pilates teachers have a Bachelor’s degree. This is often in dance, kinesiology or physical education.

Pilates Instructors must meet specific requirements, including education, skills, and qualifications.


Who Should Consider a Pilates Career Path?

You could become a Pilates teacher if you are passionate about fitness and Pilates.


Who should NOT consider a Pilates instructor career path?

Pilates instructors should be fitness enthusiasts.


A Pilates instructors should also not be unable to manage their own business due to lack of motivation, organisation, or drive.


How hard is it to become a Pilates instructor?

In most cases, a college education is not required to become a Pilates teacher.


What do I need to become a Pilates instructor?

Most instructors require that the applicant has a diploma or an equivalent.


A future pilates instructor must apprentice with a teacher trainer until that trainer is satisfied they are competent to be an instructor.


What are the skills required to be a Pilates instructor?

You will need excellent communication, customer service, and social skills as a Pilates instructor.


It is also essential that they can design their own fitness and training programs and know how to meet the needs of their clients.


What education is required to become a Pilates instructor?

The pilates instructor must understand anatomy, kinesiology, and all the pilates equipment and exercises.


Can You Become A Pilates Instructor Without A Degree?

You can be a Pilates teacher without a formal degree. However, finding a Pilates instructor with a proper college degree is limited.


What experience is required for a Pilates instructor?

Before a Pilates teacher can teach independently, they must complete an apprenticeship under a Pilates trainer.


Pilates Teacher Education and Schooling

Some courses can lead to becoming a competent Pilates instructor.


What Is Taught In A Pilates Instructor Course

Most Pilates instructor training courses include anatomy, injury prevention, and rehabilitation.


Mat Pilates is an introductory pilates course that requires 32 hours of classroom instruction, 72 hours of private education and passing an exam to prove competency.


How long does a Pilates instructor course last?

Most aspiring Pilates instructors can complete the course within a week or so.


The additional courses include certification in Reformer Pilates or Comprehensive Pilates. These courses expand basic abilities and knowledge and can be completed at different times.


Personal trainers can benefit from these opportunities to continue their education on movement principles and become more effective.


Pilates Education and Degree Programs

If you meet the qualifications, any location that offers certified Pilates teacher training will be able to certify you as a Pilates trainer.


Local Pilates studio owners may be able to train and certify new Pilates instructors.



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