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Medical Fetish: Items You Need

If you have always had a medical fetish when you watch your favorite porn or when you let your imagination run wild, then you need to check out these items on Cirillas. We are going to talk about all things medical fetish, and the items you need to fulfill your fantasies.

What is a Medical Fetish?

A medical fetish is all about roleplay. Ladies may enjoy dressing up as nurses or doctors but in sexy outfits. Men may enjoy their ladies doing this too, they may even revert to always choosing porn that displays medical characters having sex with patients. There are many items that people use to fulfill their medical fetishes, and many sex shops sell these items, especially a well known online toys store like Cirillas. You get items such as sensation wheels, speculums, penis plugs, or urethral sounds.

Items You Need For Your Medical Fetish

We put together a list of must have items for your medical fetish, these ones are bound to tickle your fantasies. You can easily find these items at an online toys store like Cirillas. Let’s take a glance:

  • Odax sensation wheel. You can run this wheel along the skin of your partner, creating a prick of pleasure everywhere it runs. This one goes really well with foreplay for extra sensitivity and pleasure. It can also be warmed or cool for extra sensation.

  • Stainless steel speculum. This is a gynecological instrument used for vaginal or anal spreading. The probe is 4 inches long, and the prongs spread to a maximum of 1.25 inches apart. This product is made from high quality stainless steel.

  • Sims anal speculum. This one is designed specifically for the anus to spread tissue for anal examination. It helps to train your anal cavity to accept large objects.

  • Silicone cum-thru D-ring Penis plug. This sexy plug offers you the sensations of urethral play. The material is flexible and lightweight and the high quality silicone bends with the body. It can be worn during ejaculation or urination.

  • Invasion silicone urethral sound trainer set. The flexible rods bend with the body, sliding down the shaft for a sensation like no other. You can play with different sizes, and is made from a premium phthalate-free and non-porous silicone. Includes 3 double sided rods with 6 different diameters.

These items will bring our medical fetish to life. An online toys store like Cirillas has everything you need for any fetish you may have. Browse through the categories and add your favorite items to the cart now.


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