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What type of courier makes the most money?

The courier industry in the United Kingdom is a vital part of the logistics chain, providing quick and efficient transportation services for businesses and individuals. With advances in technology, such as the Internet, more and more people are choosing to use couriers to send packages quickly and with greater reliability than ever before. But which type of courier makes the most money in the UK? In this post, we’ll look at some of the most popular types of couriers to find out what type of courier makes the most money.

Independent Courier

The independent courier is one of the most popular types, allowing individuals to make their schedules and set their rates. Independent couriers are typically self-employed, meaning they can set their working hours and decide which jobs they want. However, it also means that they don’t get any benefits or pension plans from employers. Additionally, since no employer is monitoring their work, they are responsible for filing their taxes and keeping track of all expenses related to their business. The average income for an independent courier varies depending on how much time they put into it; however, some independent couriers have been known to make up to £50 per hour or even more.

Courier Company Employee

Courier companies employ people who may be interested in becoming professional drivers or dispatchers. Drivers typically receive an hourly wage plus tips from customers when appropriate; however, wages can range from around £8 – £15 per hour, depending on experience level and company size. Dispatchers usually work a 9-5 shift but can sometimes earn bonuses based on company performance or customer service ratings. While working with a company has its advantages (such as employee benefits), it may not be as profitable as being an independent courier because you do not have control over your working schedule or rates charged per job.

Freight Forwarder

A freight forwarder is another type of courier specializing in delivering larger shipments between different locations worldwide. These types of couriers typically work with large companies like Amazon that need to ship products internationally regularly. Freight forwarders usually charge clients by weight or size for each shipment; however, profits can be significantly higher than other couriers due to the sheer volume involved. The average salary for freight forwarders ranges from £20 -£30 per hour depending on experience level; however, experienced professionals can make upwards of £50 per hour.


When making money as a courier in the UK, several options are available for individuals looking for flexible employment opportunities or those who prefer steady employment with established companies. Ultimately, which type of courier makes the most money depends heavily on individual preference and experience level, so it’s important to research each option thoroughly before deciding which one is right for you.

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