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Why Listen To ET Play’s Audio News Podcasts?

For centuries, reading the newspaper after getting up in the morning was a habit that came naturally to millions across the world. As the medium through which news was consumed underwent a rapid transformation, people started following 24×7 news channels and also their favourite mobile apps for news. 

Now with the world in the grips of a podcasting revolution, more and more people are turning to the audio medium to listen to the news in English.

When it comes to podcasts, genres such as romance, thrillers and murder mysteries usually top the charts. But the news is perhaps as popular now as people prefer to listen to the most important headlines of the day and also news stories being read out to them. 

Though there is no paucity of very able competitors in this space, ET Play is a leading player because of its English audio news podcasts which offer sharp and incisive analysis.

Newsworthy stories on ET Play:

Can Pieter Elbers turn Indigo into a truly global airline? What is the focus of RBI’s monetary policy and can the new Electricity Bill mend India’s power sector? And with India’s most valued startup Byju facing a tough test from auditors, regulators and customers, are tough times ahead for the country’s tech industry? These are some of the newsworthy stories that ET Play’s podcasts explore in great detail.

The podcasts are well-researched and conversational, featuring top entrepreneurs and experts. The topics and how they are presented keep you hooked and yearning for more. And the best part is that listening to these podcasts is truly a top learning experience. The range of topics covered is huge, which ensures that there is something of interest to everyone.

Choose topics of your choice:

What the podcasts ensure is that you are well-covered as you take a deep dive into any field. The episodes cover all newsworthy stories in the fields of business, economy, startup and tech, markets, politics and cryptocurrencies. They have the same amount of meticulous focus on global as well as local events. And the biggest takeaway is, of course, the rich learning experience on offer.

What are the facts you should consider while buying your house? Why do stocks rise and fall, how does the recession affect the job market, and how is inflation affecting our lives in a thousand different ways? The podcasts answer all these questions in a simple yet detailed manner.

Global events key aspects of India’s foreign policy, and all key developments in the world of technology such as how the metaverse is being developed, are explored in painstaking detail. If you love the audio medium and are hooked to news, there cannot be a better way to start your day!

For more interesting news updates and in-depth discussions on current affairs, log on to ET Play now and get listening!


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