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Precautions After Buying Wood

What are the main precautions after buying wood for interpretation boards for example? Some advice always works because you are not fooled and can execute the project perfectly without the extra time and money costs.

The manual of precautions after the purchase of wood

The Main Precautions Begin Right At The Request

It is extremely important to check the packing list. Remember that when purchasing flooring, for example, you will receive not only the flooring blocks but also some clips and other essential items for installation.

What To Do After Checking The List Of Purchases Of Wood Products?

Okay, you bought ready-made flooring and pergola Lining (typical wood products), checked the packing list, and realized everything was right. So, it’s time to provide quality storage in places without insolation and dry.

Maintenance And Humidity

To clean the stored product, use only soft hair and brooms. You can also wear slightly damp clothes. Never use abrasive materials or products with excess chemicals for cleaning or maintenance; the maintenance tips and lining and other wood products are identical.

Caution: Moisture does not mix with hardwood floors. Avoid excess water to clean.

It is also good not to expose the product to water hazards, such as leaving the window open on rainy days or keeping large vases close by filled with water in the plant’s soil.

Characteristics Of Hardwoods

Due to the colonization period, they became known as hardwood, when they could only be extracted with authorization from the Portuguese Crown. They are materials with greater commercial value than native and slow-growing trees. These woods are more rigid, heavier, and have high strength and durability. Commercial production is organized within current legislation.

Hardwoods have striking colors, which can be beige, yellow, red, and brown. They have a smooth and glossy surface and therefore guarantee a refined finish. They can be found in different sizes, and each species is suitable for a type of application. Common wood is softer and less resistant. Therefore, it requires treatment to prevent fungal and insect attacks. It has the lowest commercial value but can also be used for various purposes.

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