WhatsApp vs WeChat vs Telegram: Who is the World’s Largest Communication Provider?

Several messaging applications are available online. These tools are significant because they are helpful in the following:

    1. Customer Service
    2. Technical Support
  1. Sales
  2. Client proposals
  3. Meeting to grow the company’s network

It is a massive advantage for a firm to be active on one of these social media platforms. Numerous desires to communicate through these applications rather than experience all the transportation hassle. Additionally, it is cost-effective and sufficient during sudden natural disasters like the well-known COVID-19 outburst. 

One of the largest communication providers is WhatsApp in the United States. Facebook purchased the application in 2014. It then earned 16.2 million active clients back in 2015. After that year, many Americans learned about its advantage in their growing network. The application’s yearly live consumers snowballed. The statistic shown below proves how it flourishes in the country:

2016: 18.8 million

2017: 20.5 million

2018: 22 million

2019: 23.4 million

2020: 24.6 million

2021: 25.6 million active American users

The unexpected turn that occurred in 2020 happened because of COVID-19. With its traumatic virus, multiple chose to take advantage of the online browser and do hybrid work. Its entanglement may be chaotic to some. Howbeit, millennials find it more beneficial than working in the office.

WhatsApp is the topmost distinguished messaging application not only in the US. It is also well-known worldwide, with 2 billion active users today. 

It is not the only tool well-known to many. WeChat is second to the world’s most famous media software. One billion people prefer utilizing this platform to any other. Aside from the convenience it brings in contact, TeleMessage has WeChat recording equipment that makes WeChat call monitoring easy.

Third on the communication provider’s high list is TeleMessage. It has 400 million active monthly users. On the other hand, Facebook Messenger stands at 1.3 billion.

Knowing which is far more convenient than other social media programs is vital with all these documented statistics. Awareness of this is significant, for it will be helpful in their future endeavors. 

Learn more about the world’s largest communication provider in the infographic below developed by TeleMessage:


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